The Essential Photoshop

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We use Photoshop every day at The Everygirl office and have grown our following exponentially since 2012. And now, we’re sharing our favorite tips, tricks, and shortcuts with you! Do you want to make stand-out moodboards, create eye-catching Instagram posts, and edit your visuals to boost your brand to the next-level? This course is for you.

Are you looking to grow your business or personal brand?
Trying to make a good first impression?

Eye-catching visuals are your brands first introduction to the online world and we are here to teach you how to make yours stand out and reach a wider audience. In this course, we’re spilling our Photoshop secrets and sharing exclusive templates to help you master Photoshop in no time.

Are you looking to
grow your business or personal brand?

Trying to make a good first impression?

Here's What You'll Get:






An invitation to join our private Facebook group exclusive to the course — where our Cofounders and editors will be sharing tons of tips and advice!

How to make the graphics that will take your brand to new heights — from product collages to moodboards to exclusive templates for your social media presence. 

A Full Breakdown of Photoshop

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide through Photoshop — from creating your first layer to advanced editing and graphic techniques.

Instructional videos from The Everygirl Associate Editor and Graphic Designer helping you nail it every step of the way.

Worksheets and printables for each of the five course sections to aid your progress as you work through each module of the course.

Over 20 Easy-to-Follow
Tutorial Videos

Worksheets, Shortcuts,
and Printables for Faster Learning

Guided Templates for Instagram, Instagram Stories, and More

Specialized Help on Our Exclusive Course Facebook Group

Here's What You'll Get:

First things first, time to get familiar with the layout and toolbar inside of Photoshop. This module includes a rundown of our most commonly used tools — what you’ll be going back to again and again. You’ll get to know these tools on an intimate level and by the end of the course, you’ll feel confident in using them for any day-to-day Photoshop needs. 

Setting Up Your Workspace & Getting to Know the Toolbar 

While Photoshop is our main squeeze for all things graphics, we also love to use the platform for editing photos — and there are so many great tools to know! We go through our favorites that can zap blemishes, remove items from backgrounds, recolor an image, and more! 

The Basics of Photo Editing

One of the most important things you need when creating graphics in Photoshop is a good "eye" — you need to start thinking like an editor and develop an idea of balance, scale, white space, and all that jazz. This module is all about creating this awareness for yourself so you can better refine your style.

Refining Your Eye

Creating graphics for our website, social channels, and newsletters is by far our favorite way to use Photoshop at The Everygirl office. We'll show you how we make our capsule wardrobe graphics, Instagram Story templates, and so much more! 

Creating Graphic Templates

Now that you've got the basics down, we'll go through some of favorite Photoshop "hacks" that make using the platform easier, faster, and way more fun. From creating simple animations to importing handwritten text.

Our Favorite Tips and Tricks

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Master Photoshop
Like a Pro

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The full course is yours for $295 with six months of unlimited access starting the day you purchase. 

We also recognize that this is an investment, so we're offering a payment plan of 4 monthly payments of $73.75. 

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So glad you asked:

How much does the full course cost?

Do you offer refunds? 

Due to the digital nature of the course content, all sales are final and non-refundable. 

If you have questions on if this course is the right fit for you, send us an email at and we'll be happy to help in any way we can!

So glad you asked:

I'm kind of technically challenged. Is this for me?

This course is designed for beginner to intermediate knowledge of Photoshop — so don't worry if you're not comfortable with the platform at all, that's what we're here for! 

Navigating the course requires basic tech skills — if you can handle email, you can take this course. 

So glad you asked:

Our Cofounders have been dreaming of launching The Everygirl courses since the site was launched in 2012. These courses are the culmination of years of experience honing The Everygirl mission and brand — and each course compliments the skills, inspiration, and drive they see in The Everygirl readers. We’re so excited to have you on this journey with us!

Danielle Moss and Alaina Kaczmarski

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Our Associate Editor spearheaded The Everygirl's online course initiative and features in both our Landing Your Dream Job and The Essential Photoshop course. With over five years as a editor, writer, and graphic designer and over 26 years as a Real Cool Person, she spills secrets on everything from creating marketable blog graphics to drafting your cover letter. She's so excited to have been part of bringing The Everygirl courses to life. 

Kelly Etz

Associate Editor & graphic Designer

Over the past several years, The Everygirl team has blossomed from having a few interns to a bustling company with a team of 11 and a network of talented contributors. Each of our editors brings their own unique insight and vision to the company and to The Everygirl course offerings. You’ll see editors popping up throughout the courses — from sharing Photoshop secrets to personal style advice. 

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