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The Everygirl's
6-Week Self-Care Challenge

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To help you visualize, track, and commit to your goals, we’ve put together a six-week guide to get you to your best, happiest, and healthiest self. This course is about getting to know yourself and what “self-care” truly looks like to you, so you can keep up your health and happiness long after the 42 days are over. This course is for you—the girl who does it all, who’s ready to make lasting changes in the way her body feels and wants to feed her soul and her stomach with only the best. 

Here at Everygirl HQ, Photoshop is our program of choice for creating the visual identity for our brand. We use it every. single. day. to create everything from eye-catching Instagram posts to capsule wardrobe graphics to standout moodboards.

In our best-selling online course, we share our favorite tips, tricks, and shortcuts with you! Are you ready to boost your brand to the next level? This course is for you. 

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The Essential Photoshop

learn to make graphics like this!

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Modern Hand Lettering

learn the fundamentals of modern lettering with meredith of tiny bits of happiness

Editing Your iPhone
Photos Like a Pro

Our expert tips for editing your photos on the go.

Finance 101

Knowing what to do with your money is seriously confusing. We get it. Which is why we created our brand new online course with all the information we wish we knew about finances when we were starting out. From building yourself a livable budget (with room for the big stuff and the fun stuff) to dipping your toes into the world of investing.

If you've ever felt lost when trying to decide the best way to handle your money, this course is for you.

from The Everygirl

The world of personal finance can also feel daunting — and let's be real: condescending. When you're taking this course, you can be ensured: there's no judgement. Ever. Wherever you're at in your finance journey, you are welcome here.

Our complete guide to finally landing the job you've always wanted. It all starts with identifying your passions, your strengths, and the uniqueness that makes you (yes, you) special — then highlighting all that goodness on paper, online, and in your interview. Claim your 100-page PDF chock full of wisdom and insight from our Cofounders and our network of talented, kickass women.

Also included in the course: 5 exclusive resume, cover letter, and email templates — designed to help you shine.

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Landing Your Dream Job

I always used to feel like Photoshop was too big of a challenge to tackle. This course changed my mind. If you're looking for a Photoshop course that's worth your money, this is it.

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- Maddie, 23

The Everygirl's Essential Photoshop course broke it down so understandably and in such a down-to-earth way that I actually enjoyed taking it. It taught me all of the basics, as well as more advanced topics, both of which I now use every single day."

"The Everygirl’s career guide has helped me swallow self-doubt and step confidently in the direction of the job I’ve always wanted.

Breaking into your dream industry can be a daunting thing, especially when you’re a college student like me. The guide was just the push I needed to shed my uncertainty — it answers any question I could ever wonder, from whether or not I should attach my cover letter to how should I wear my hair to the interview. I’m a driven, unconventional, take-charge girl, and this guide supports me and my ambitions."

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- Meg, @asunnystateofmind

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Our Cofounders have been dreaming of launching The Everygirl courses since the site was launched in 2012. These courses are the culmination of years of experience honing The Everygirl mission and brand — and each course compliments the skills, inspiration, and drive they see in The Everygirl and The Everymom readers. We’re so excited to have you on this journey with us!

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