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Overhaul your interior, exterior, flatlay, and product shots instantly with Nine of our go-to presets for one-click edits in the Lightroom app.

Cut your editing time in half + get a beautiful, bright, vibrant photo with just one click. 

Create a cohesive feed by applying similar edits to your photos for a consistent look.

Use as a building block for selective edits (like removing imperfections)

Why presets?

Snag All Nine Presets for $49!

Best for: Photos that need a boost of bright, even light. Works well for product shots, flatlays, and interior shots in dim, natural lighting. Our go-to preset!

Clean & Simple

Best for: Photos that need a soft wash of cool-tinted light. Works well for interior shots in dim or evening lighting. We like to use this one if we have a photo with a lot of orange-y wood tones, as the cooler colors help soften that intensity.

Cool & Soft

Best for: Exterior shots taken on overcast days or at twilight / blue hour and interior shots with lots of rich, dark textures. Great for travel photos!


Best for: Photos taken in dim lighting that need a lot of brightening up, as well as a slight warm, soft tone. Works well for interior photos without a lot of natural light or when you want to warm up the textures in an image.

Bright & Soft

Best for: Shots that need a boost of creamy light as well as a subtle sharpening effect. 

Warm & Crisp

Best for: Photos that need a touch of soft, creamy light. Works well for photos with a lot of natural light already that just need that subtle, extra boost. 


Best for: Photos that you want to appear warmer and slightly brighter, and to deepen the darker tones for a touch of contrast. Great for sunrises or sunsets!

Touch of warmth

Best for: Darker, lackluster photos that need a big boost of even light.

Ultra Bright

Best for: Photos that you want to have an editorial feel, in a crisp, high-contrast black and white.


All nine presets have been tested for all the interior, exterior, and product shots we take every day at The Everygirl. We have more packs in the works for skin tones and other types of photos—stay tuned!

We designed this pack specifically for interiors, exteriors, flatlays, and product shots

Grab This Preset Pack!


A: This preset pack was developed specifically for interior, exterior, flatlay, and product shots. Photos you see on our site and social frequently! We tested each preset on these types of shots to help you get the best edit, every time. We'll be releasing other preset packs developed specifically for skin tones—look out for those coming soon!

Q: What types of photos do the presets work best for?

A: Our presets are made for use within the Lightroom mobile app, which is free (yay!). You'll download it to your phone and add the presets there to make your one-click edits. 

Q: Where will I use these presets?

A: Our preset pack comes with guided video tutorials on how to download, install, and make the most of your presets, so you can get started editing right away!

Q: How do I install the presets?

Available on the App Store, Google Play, and more. Plus, we included instructions on how to download, use, and make the most of your presets.

All you need to use presets is the Lightroom mobile app!

Snag All Nine Presets for $49!

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